Ezra Williams, left, and Ezra Ararat. *Photo by Kageaki Smith
Ezra Williams, left, and Ezra Ararat. *Photo by Kageaki Smith

TUESDAY, JULY 3: Two friends were robbed at knifepoint as they sat in their car waiting to buy marijuana, a court heard.

Kenneth Williams and Victoria DeCoute were set upon by Ezra Williams, Ezra Ararat and Zharrin Simmons, it is alleged.

Prosecutor Garret Byrne told a jury at the Supreme Court yesterday that Kenneth Williams, 22, and Ms Decoute, 18 were attacked outside SAL Ltd on Hermitage Road at 8:30pm on August 21.

The court was told Ezra Williams, 27, stabbed Kenneth Williams in the chest, then Mr Ararat, 25, punched Kenneth Williams about the head.

Mr Byrne said: “Kenneth Williams in the car tried to defend himself but then the second defendant, Ezra Ararat, arrived on the scene and started punching Kenneth Williams about the head.

“Both defendants reportedly asked what he had on him.

“Ezra Williams search the pockets of Kenneth Williams and found a BlackBerry cell phone.

“It was then Zharrin Simmons arrived on the scene and hit Victoria DeCoute over the eye and then she snatched the gold chain around her neck and took a bracelet from her as well.

“Kenneth Williams got out of the car.

“Zharrin Simmons went to attack him with the machete but she missed and struck Ezra Williams on the hand.”

The court was told that the three attackers then fled the scene while Kenneth Williams and Ms DeCoute went to hospital for treatment to their injuries.

Mr Byrne said: “As the complainants waited to be seen, Victoria DeCoute saw two people and recognised them as the robbers, Ezra Williams and Zharrin Simmons.

“Ezra Williams had a wound to one of his hands and that’s why he was in hospital.”

The jury heard that the pair realised they had been spotted and tried to leave.

Ezra Williams was chased by police and arrested on Berry Hill Road.

Both Mr Ararat and Ms Simmons were arrested later.

The court heard that there was blood leading from the robbery scene to Mr Ararat’s Boundary Crescent home.

Police found blood in the home and in his bedroom as well as a knife next to the bed, jurors were told.

They also found a machete in a hole in a wall of the property, the court heard.

Mr Byrne told the jury the items were used during the attack and that officers also found bloodstained clothing behind a dog kennel in the yard.

He said: “We say that’s clear evidence that Ezra Ararat and possibly the others went out of their way to conceal the weapons and hide from everybody what they had done that night.”

The court heard all three defendants were identified in an ID parade by the victims.

Brothers Ezra Williams and Mr Ararat as well as Ms Simmons, 21, all deny using force to rob the victims of a cell phone and jewellery.

The trial continues.