Mayor of Hamilton Sutherland Madeiros yesterday claimed Government plans to abolish the Corporations of Hamilton and St George's.

Speaking at City Hall, he revealed both received letters from the Cabinet Office on Wednesday morning ­informing them of a plan to "reform Bermuda's municipalities".

An overhaul of the Act was outlined more than a year ago in the 2008 Speech from the Throne.

Mr. Madeiros claims the Corporations' duties will transferred to ­various government departments.

He added: "The government will be issuing a request for proposal for ­consultants to assist with transitioning all operations of the municipalities into the relevant government ­departments." He alleged that both Corporations presented a document to Government last October, before the Throne Speech, with suggestions to reform the Municipalities Act.


Mr. Madeiros said: "The Corporations have made repeated requests to work with the Bermuda Government to modernise the structure of the Corporation and expand the franchise.

"Despite numerous requests to meet with Government, all requests for consultation have been ignored.

"The government has not given any reason for this course of action. Nor have they explained how abolishing two local municipalities is 'practical, efficient and effective reform'. We will continue to keep the ­public informed as we move through this process."

The Corporations are currently seeking legal advice.

The 2008 Speech from the Throne said: "The Corporations of Hamilton and St. George's have served their municipalities well but the framework within which they operate is outdated and it can be argued that it does not reflect modern good governance.

"Accordingly, amendments to the Municipalities Act 1923 will be ­considered to modernize the Corporations and to better serve the people of our past and present capitals."

Premier Dr. Ewart Brown will outline the proposed next steps for the Municipalities Act 1923 today.