* File photo. Harleys such as this will join more than 100 local bikes in Bermuda.
* File photo. Harleys such as this will join more than 100 local bikes in Bermuda.
Motorcycle enthusiasts might want to keep their eyes peeled this Saturday when Harley Davidsons from across the United States get their motors running for a ride around Bermuda.

The bikes, which have engines up to 1,600cc, are part of a trip by the ETA Motorcycle Cruising Club, who arrive in Bermuda at 8am on Saturday.

They join more than 100 local bikes, with engines of 150cc, from the Bermuda Long Riders Motorcycle Club.

The club's entertainment director, Astoria Williams, said the Harleys arrive at King's Wharf, Dockyard, aboard Royal Caribbean's Explorer of the Seas.

"When they arrive we do a bike bless and say prayers," Ms Williams said. "We then we give them the rules and regulations of the road and head out for St. George's along South Shore around 9am.

They will stop at the Lighthouse for photos and plan to be in St. George's for 12:30pm.

From 1:30pm until 2:45pm they will be at Gombeys Restaurant at Clearwater Beach, where Ms Williams suggest might be one of the best spots for the public to view the massive bikes.

At 2:45pm they will take off again along North Shore this time, through the city of Hamilton and then to Church Bay, Southampton, for photos.

They will be back up to Dockyard for 4:30pm in time for the ship to depart at 5pm.

"They come from all over the United States," Ms Williams said. "They cruise all over the Caribbean with their bikes."

They have been coming to Bermuda for the past three years.

Ms Williams encourages the public to come out and wave on the riders as they pass along various parts of the island.

Ms Williams added: "I love to ride. I enjoy just being on the road - it's such a relaxing ride. It gets your mind fresh."