Darlene Ming is the Radio and TV Programming Manager for the Bermuda Broadcasting Corporation.

Have you been affected by the emergence of new media outlets?

We are affected. There's been a dramatic shift in the marketplace. Our challenge has been to: One, recognize that there has been a shift and two, respond to ensure we remain a player in this highly charged newly developed arena.

But if people want the real news and familiar faces, then they will always turn to the news that they can trust and that doesn't ever change.

Where do you see you yourselves in this arena?

The new entities may change how people are entertained, but it doesn't change a whole lot where they go for their daily dose to find out what's going on in the community - that can only come from the established organizations.

And blogs?

They give us a real measure of what is important to people. If there's a topic that's out there and you get the bloggers going out there getting to it, you know there is probably something more as a news person to bring to the fore as a factual news story.

Blogs are opinion, and there's room for opinion but...I would like to think that people know where to draw to line between that and news.