Mike Bishop
Mike Bishop
Mike Bishop is Station Manager for VSB radio and TV.

Where are islanders getting their information from and how has that changed in the last five years?

I think that maybe there has been some degree of change but to what degree I couldn't tell you because no one has done a detailed survey on it.

Bermuda is a very strange scenario when it comes to the media. I remember working at the Bermuda Broadcasting Corporation when VSB started in the 1980s and the feeling was it would never last. Here we are, 20 years later, still live and kicking. People will latch onto what they like and be very loyal to it, but if something new comes along, it's like everything else, people will be curious to try it out and see what it has to offer. Radio and TV have a familiarity to them.

People are comfortable when they see and hear the same familiar faces. Radio is still the fastest way to communicate news and we tend to shine, it sounds bad to say, whenever there's an emergency.

On Tuesday, for example, there were two accidents that held up traffic and we had a steady stream of calls from people giving us information that we disseminated. People know that for anything immediate, that's where radio scores.

What effect are blogs having on the way we communicate?

They provide a different avenue for people to vent their thoughts and frustrations, but they don't provide news.

My personal view is that someone who is writing a blog can pretty much write what they choose whether it's true or not, whereas we have to be accountable and if someone says something inaccurate we usually get pulled up very quickly and that organization or individual is allowed to have a right to reply.

Do you think there is too much media here?

There is a saturation of the media at the moment, but the competition is healthy - it keeps everyone on their game. It's not as easy as it looks sometimes and so therefore newer entities coming into the arena with their wonderful ideas and good intentions, I don't think they are going to find it as straightforward as it may appear.