Grant Gibbons days in front-line politics could be over, with the ousted UBP leader unlikely to take up any major post in the reshuffled shadow cabinet.

His successor Wayne Furbert is expected to announce changes to the front bench later this week, and sources tell us Dr. Gibbons will step down from the Finance Ministry.

It is understood that the new leadership would have been happy to retain Dr. Gibbons’ considerable financial expertise in the ministry.

But the Capital G director, we have been told, is keen to take a back seat and allow the new leader the chance to shine.

Mr Furbert, who is a qualified accountant, could combine the finance post with leadership in the same way Dr. Gibbons had done up until his deposition last week.

Other alternatives include Pat Gordon Pamplin, also an accountant, and banker Cole Simons.

Another gap could open up in the hugely important housing ministry, currently headed by Mr Furbert.

Other key questions for the new leader address will be whether to reduce the size of his cabinet. Currently every UBP MP and one unelected senator —Kim Swan — are in the cabinet.

Also, having signalled his intention to focus on race issues and increase the remit of the Shadow Ministry of Race Relations and Economic Opportunity, questions have been raised over whether David Dodwell will be retained.

The hotelier, who runs the Reefs and 9Beaches, has shown plenty of enthusiasm for the role but there are those who believe his business commitments would make it tough for him to handle an expanding ministry.

Given the emphasis Mr Furbert has put on the ministry in his comments following his election, he could choose to take the role himself.

Other contenders would be Max Burgess and Bob Richards, both of whom were believed to be in the running for the top job or media manager and shadow Transport minister Jamahl Simmons.