British Airways offering cheaper flights

British Airways is offering a sale on tickets to more than 140 destinations, the company said in a statement.

Travellers from the U.K. wishing to get to sunny destinations will save hundreds of pounds in some cases. Flights to Bermuda start at £399 (saving up to £272), or to Caribbean destinations including the Grand Cayman (saving up to £279), Barbados (saving up to £149), Kingston (saving up to £163), and Antigua and St. Lucia (saving up to £137 each), the statement said.

The sale also included discounted flights to U.S., the Middle East, Asia, and European destinations.

Hundreds of recruits off to boot camp

Nearly 200 new recruits of the Bermuda Regiment will begin basic training on the weekend, it was announced in a press statement.

On January 7, the recruits will be introduced to basic soldiering skills and ensure that the soldiers understand their role for deployment in an internal security role, are capable of using a rifle to a high degree of safety and competence and receive a well-rounded instruction in drill for the purpose of ceremonial parades, the statement said.

To this end, the recruits will be busy over a two-week period with 18-hour days full of drill, weapons training, and live firing at the range. Also, they'll learn about the regiment's history and its current role, as well as lectures in special interests outside of military life, the statement said.

Local schools to celebrate Montessori Centenary

Children from Bermuda's three Montessori Schools are busy planning celebratory events for one of the most important occasions in the history of their school, it was announced yesterday.

To mark this occasion more than 100 children, staff and alumni of Montessori Preparatory School, Bermuda Montessori School and Somersfield Academy will hold a special celebration on the steps of City Hall on Friday.