A painting of an island scene by Lydia Franks.
A painting of an island scene by Lydia Franks.

Everything from Cedar Sculptures to quilting and paintings of all sizes and prices make up the show I Am An Island the Bermuda Centre for Arts in Dockyard.

Artists that have entered include Kok Wan Lee, Suzanne Sharp, Tricia Walters, Nancy Frith, Susan Thomas, Peter Aldrich, Joan Aspinall, Michele Smith, Jonah Jones, Christopher Grimes, Christopher Marson, Chesley Trott, J. Marc Boden, Rick Marson, Angela Tuzon, Joe Smith.

The juried Member’s show that will run until September 20.

In addition to I am an Island we have a solo opening by Lydia Franks... The title of her show is Island Perspectives.

Lydia Franks will also open a solo show at the gallery.

As avid lover of creation, Franks can be found almost every day somewhere outside snorkelling or walking the beach with a digital camera. She is passionate about her calling to “show God off” and paint His treasures. It may be cows, crabs, children, coral.

Lydia has primarily shown her work at Bermuda Art Centre at Dockyard, the Bermuda Society of the Arts and Masterworks galleries.

Her works are primarily watercolour but she uses whatever media (pencil, watercolour, watercolor pencil, pastel, gouache, coloured pencil, ink, etc.) it takes to show off the “treasures” she finds. She is not set on one style and is not afraid to try something new. Both shows run until September 20.