Professional drag queen Mark Anderson this week gave homophobic Bermudians a dressing down for being intolerant and hypocritical about gays.

He told the Bermuda Sun that Bermuda is in dire need of a gay and lesbian centre where homosexuals could go for counselling and sex education.

He said the need is greatest for teenagers who are struggling with their identity — but often have nowhere to turn.

Mr. Anderson was critical of married men who lead double lives. He said it’s not right, but it’s also more common than people think. “People end up getting hurt over it — especially the children. I think it’s wrong.”

He also said: “Since I’ve been back all those attracted to me have been married men.”

Mr. Anderson has been back home in Bermuda for nearly two years although he still returns to the U.S .for gigs as a drag queen.

He hit the headlines last week when gombeys objected to him appearing in Wednesday’s Bermuda Day parade as ‘Queen of the Gombeys’.

H e said living in New York has made him comfortable with being gay.

He said Bermudians have a “stigma about anyone who is different”. But they need to recognise that gays are not paedophiles — they do not prey on young boys.

He told of how he receives phone calls from young Bermudians who are in turmoil, but he will only meet with underage boys in the company of their parents.

“I don’t want anyone to see me talking to kids,” he said.

He advises them to speak to their parents or school counsellors.

But a centre would be best because gay teens, especially those from religious households, face hostility from parents. Some are even kicked out of their homes.