Happier times: Michael Misick with actress LisaRaye McCoy at the Bermuda Music Festival. *Bermuda Sun file photo
Happier times: Michael Misick with actress LisaRaye McCoy at the Bermuda Music Festival. *Bermuda Sun file photo

Former Turks & Caicos Premier Michael Misick has dismissed reports that he is trying to cut a plea deal by implicating politicians from Bermuda and other islands.

An unattributed report on the Turks & Caicos Islands Journal website claimed that Mr Misick, who is currently in jail in Brazil facing extradition home to face an investigation into corruption claims, was going to cut a deal by implicating politicans in three other islands, including Bermuda.

But Mr Misick wrote to brother Philip from his Brazilian prison to say the claims were “ a bunch of bulls**t”.

The T&CI Journal report, which was carried in sections of the Bermuda media last week, suggested Mr Misick was in talks with the US and UK in a bid to cut any potential jail sentence. Mr Misick said they were part of a plot to discredit him.

He wrote: “These people are so low and will stoop to anything to try and further destroy me. I am strong in my faith and will never give up no matter what they do.”

Mr Misick wrote a letter to his brother, which was dated August 1, which was obtained by the Turks & Caicos Sun, after the claims appeared on the Journal website.

Philip Misick told the Turks & Caicos Sun: “I can tell you as a matter of fact that Mike has not even spoken to any British or American law enforcement authorities and he has not made any plea bargain with anyone.

“He has not even been approached by them and furthermore he has no information from America that he has done anything wrong in America, what was printed on the TCI Journal was absolute rubbish and a blatant lie.

“Mike hasn’t spoken to anyone about anything. He can’t even receive or make calls to and from his family.

“He is concerned about sorting out his extradition process and returning home to the Turks & Caicos Islands.”

The Bermuda Sun attempted to contact Mr Misick’s brothers at the family’s real estate firm yesterday — but the receptionist appeared to hang up on the reporter after he identified himself. Further attempts to contact the firm were unsuccessful.

Mr Misick is wanted for questioning by a special task force set up after the UK government assumed direct control of the island amid claims of corruption, misuse of power and the selling of Crown property for private profit.

Mr Misick, a lawyer by profession and head of the British Overseas Territory for six years up until 2009, is alleged to have amassed a personal fortune of $180 million and enjoyed an extravagant lifestyle.

The Special Investigation and Prosecution Team (SIPT) set up in the wake of the allegations said Mr Misick could stand trial as early as this year.

Mr Misick has always denied any wrongdoing and said he was the victim of a smear campaign organised by enemies on the island chain and the UK government aimed at discrediting his Progressive National Party.

Mr Misick, who fled his homeland for Brazil, was arrested in Rio de Janeiro in December last year after an international arrest warrant was issued for him.

He was released on bail in February this year, but rearrested in April. His extradition hearing is expected to be decided later this month. n