British Airways will not have any flights into and out of Bermuda on Tuesday. * Reuters photo
British Airways will not have any flights into and out of Bermuda on Tuesday. * Reuters photo
MONDAY, April 19: There will be no British Airways flights in and out of Bermuda on Tuesday, marking the sixth straight day of grounded planes.

BA spoksesperson Sallie Singleton estimates "it has to be pushing 400" passengers stuck in Bermuda because of the flight cancellations. She said the rest of the people who would have been on the BA flights would have been residents going on holiday.

Flights in and out of England have been grounded because of a volcanic eruption in Iceland.

Ms. Singleton said the earliest people can rebook is now well into next week and it was highly unlikely that Bermuda would get an extra flight to help alleviate the backlog of passengers stranded here."

She added: There does seem to be optimism that some flights into and out of London airports might be able to

resume later on Tuesday following the proposed reopening of UK and European airspace by the aviation authorities.

"We are working on detailed plans to help as many passengers as possible and will aim to give customers as much notice as possible of the flight programme.

"At the present time British Airways has more than 80 aircraft and almost 3,000 cabin crew out of position overseas across the global network.

"All these aircraft will require detailed checks before they are cleared to enter service again. Inevitably this will mean delays and we ask for our customers' patience and understanding in these very difficult circumstances."

The British Airways at L.F. Wade International Airport will be open on Tuesday from 1pm to 6pm, as it has been during every day of this crisis.

Aletrenatively, those affected by the cancellations can also visit the ticket office at the airport or they can rebook by either calling 1 800 AIRWAYS or using the website