Who’d be so cruel? The drowning of a pit bull — it might have been one just like this — has upset islanders. *Overseas MCT file photo
Who’d be so cruel? The drowning of a pit bull — it might have been one just like this — has upset islanders. *Overseas MCT file photo

FRIDAY, JANUARY 11: The case of a man who drowned his pet pit bull after it killed another dog has prompted outrage across the island.

News websites and social media outlets were inundated with comments from horrified members of the public.

Readers described Nasir Brangman’s callous actions as ‘sickening’ and ‘disgusting’ while calling for him to be jailed.

Brangman appeared at Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday to plead guilty to cruelly killing his pet dog Bruno.

The 24-year old admitted drowning his pit bull at Clearwater Beach on November 5 after his dog attacked and killed a Pomeranian on Lighthouse Hill in St David’s.

Shari-Lynn Pringle took to Facebook to describe her dismay saying: “If only for one day pets could dispose of their neglectful owners, the population would dip dramatically! So sad.”

While Tricia Abbott Walters simply said: “Oh My God. Who does that?”

Leanne Christie Torres added: “There are better options when dealing with situations like these!

“So sick the type of people that roam the earth. Take the dog to the vets or wardens to be humanely euthanized! He needs to serve the maximum penalty for this.

“Lock his tail behind bars! I feel bad for the Pomeranian and its owners too, but that is no reason to take matters into your own hands and MURDER your dog!”

Meanwhile Tonya Howard commented on the case after reading it on the Bermuda Sun’s website.

She said: “Just cannot believe someone would do something like this. If he reimbursed the person, was honest to the wardens I do not understand why he would not take the dog to a vets to have it put to sleep if he wanted to make the choice to end his life.

“I hope Senior Magistrate Archibald Warner does not let him get away with this with a slap on the wrist.

“I know though he is probably limited by the current laws. So sad and horrific.”

Holly Brewster added: “Heartbreaking all round, poor Bruno and the Pom and Pom’s family.

“Bad training and not Bruno’s fault. Really upsetting, he must have been so scared bless him. RIP Bruno, run free at the bridge x”

Magistrate Archibald Warner echoed the sentiments of many by describing Brangman’s actions callous and calculating.

He added: “That’s the ultimate mistreatment of animals. It’s the same mindset of disposing of something you don’t like. Something’s wrong with you man.”

Brangman apologised for his actions during the court hearing, claiming he had lost his composure after witnessing the fatal attack on the Pomeranian.

And he claimed his dog had been responsible for a string of attacks on other pets in the past.

He was remanded in custody after pleading guilty on Wednesday and will be sentenced on February 27.