*Overseas MCT photo
*Overseas MCT photo

A Pembroke man was today fined $2,000 and ordered to pay medical bills after his unlicensed pit bull attacked a woman.

Kevin Burgess’s dog clamped its teeth onto Tiffany Fubler on January 12 and dragged her into the street, refusing to let go.

After nearly 45 minutes, the dog’s teeth were finally pried from her body.

The court heard Ms Fubler was walking along St John’s Road, Pembroke at 6:30pm that day and stopped to talk to a friend outside of the Point Mart.

While she was there, she saw a man walking a black and white pit bull on a long leash with a chain.

Crown counsel Takiyah Burgess said: “All of a sudden, the dog grabbed her arm and dragged her into the road and wouldn’t let go.

“The man attempted to make the dog let go of her arm but it wouldn’t.”

The court heard Ms Fubler’s friend tried to assist but the dog still wouldn’t let go.

Mr Burgess’ brother came across the street and started to help as well.

He and the man walking to dog had to put their hands inside the dog’s mouth to pry the teeth from the victim’s arm.

Ms Fubler’s arm was bleeding and she was taken to hospital where she received a tetanus shot.

She had to attend the hospital twice a day for five days for treatment and had to take a six-weeksick leave from work as a result.

On February 5, animal wardens attended Mr Burgess’s home to investigate the attack.

Mr Burgess told the officers he had taken the dog to the veterinarian and had it put to sleep.

He was arrested and during a police interview, Mr Burgess admitted having the dog illegally.

He also said he didn’t know a man named Slim had taken the dog out of the yard.

Mr Burgess told the officers he took the victim to the hospital after the attack.

Addressing the court, he said: “I’m sorry. I didn’t even know my dog was out of my yard.

My boy who cleans my car and cuts my grass took him out.

“I heard my brother screaming and the guy who took the dog came to the house screaming ‘sorry, sorry’ and I ain’t seen him since.”

Ms Burgess told the court the victim’s medical bills totaled $821.09.

Mr Warner fined Mr Burgess $2,000 for the dog attack and ordered him to pay restitution to Ms Fubler.

He wasn’t given a separate penalty for keeping the dog without a valid license.

Meanwhile, Mr Burgess’ brother Keyvon Burgess denied breeding a brindle female Pit Bull between a date unknown and February 5 in Pembroke without being the holder of a valid license.

He also denied keeping the dog without a license.

Keyvon Burgess will face trial on September 24 and was given $2,000 bail.