Last month, to much fanfare, Minister of Public Safety, the Hon. Michael Dunkley, announced the formation of the Cannabis Reform Committee.

Yesterday, we had a press conference from one member, Mr. Eron Hill, who has announced his resignation due to an "ulterior agenda" present in the committee.

Today, Minister Dunkley via Facebook has attempted to distance himself from the committee, claiming that it is an independent entity despite being appointed and announced by him late last year.

To protect the credibility of this committee, it is imperative that Minister Dunkley answer the allegations of Mr. Hill, that this committee has been formed to rubber stamp his Party's viewpoint on cannabis policy reform.  The Minister needs to come clean and drop his current duck and hide approach.

This issue of cannabis reform is much too important a topic to "play politics" with.   This resignation is a concerning development and we call on Minister Dunkley to address these allegations from Mr. Hill.

Weeks: Personal attacks are unacceptable

Statement by Shadow Minister Michael Weeks

The vicious and repugnant personal attacks on Mr. Eron Hill for choosing to remove himself from Minister Dunkley's Cannabis Reform Committee should disturb and anger all Bermudians.  Rather than examine the content of his message, as we have seen time and time again, the messenger is being attacked.

I for one have no clue what Mr. Hill's political affiliation is, nor do I care.  It is wrong to engage in acts of character assassination and make implied threats against anyone's reputation or livelihood. We were told that the OBA would do politics differently.  Yet many people who claim to support their Party are prepared to verbalize the same hateful rhetoric and promote the same forms of economic terrorism that eventually made the UBP unelectable.

Let's agree to disagree. Let us loudly and strongly state our positions.  We must not however lose sight of the fact that each of us are entitled to our opinions and that character assassination and the advocacy of economic retribution against those that don't share our beliefs are simply unacceptable.