MONDAY, OCTOBER 3: More than 180 police officers and others were honoured tonight for their contribution to crime-busting in Bermuda.

Among those receiving awards were police civilian staff, law enforcement officers from the US, Customs Officers, Prison Officers, soldiers from the Bermuda Regiment and civilians.

Governor Sir Richard Gozney, who attended the awards ceremony at CedarBridge Academy, said the ceremony showed why the Bermuda Police Service is “a rising star.”

Sir Richard added: “But what really matters is what the people of Bermuda are thinking – the highest profile area which has been amply recorded this afternoon has been in violent crime.”

Sir Richard said that the number of people killed or wounded in shootings had dropped by two thirds this year compared to last year.

And he said that the Government had been “increasingly sympathetic” to the needs of the police service as it battled with increasing success against violent crime.

In addition to individual police officers and teams like the Community Action Teams and Financial Crimes Unit, Airport Security Officers, Crown Counsel, civilian accountants and forensic specialists were honoured, along with members of the public who helped police solve crime.

Commissioner of Police Mike DeSilva said: “This is the most people I have seen honoured at the police awards ceremony.”

Minister of National Security Wayne Perinchief, a former top police officer, also helped present the awards.

He said afterwards: “There’s been a significant decrease in gun crime since I took over as Minister in April.

“It was extremely gratifying to see so many people win awards.

“I am particularly heartened by the age of them – most of them are young – and they also come from many different backgrounds and countries.

“To see the Financial Crime Unit recognized was excellent."