Photo by Nigel Regan
Photo by Nigel Regan
Name: Neldrika Dillas

Age: 26.

Representing: Southampton.

Marital status: Engaged to Keino Zuill. Three month old daughter.

Job: Hairstylist at Cabelo.

Weight and height: 256lbs, 5ft 4”.

Society’s attitude to big women: That we’re unattractive don’t know how to carry ourselves. It thinks we’re supposed to act a certain way, dress a certain way and only have certain jobs. Society thinks we should be ashamed of ourselves.

My attitude to being big: I’m gorgeous. I’m beautiful. If people don’t like that, too bad.

Is it a struggle? When I was younger, at high school, I wanted to be small, but as I got older I was like, I am what I am. So I embraced myself.

Best thing about being big: We’re sexier, hotter and men love us.

Guilty pleasure: Talking on the phone all the time and shopping.

Why I entered the pageant: To show Bermuda big women aren’t just going to sit back and take all the talk. We are beautiful, we are fabulous and we are going to walk out and flaunt it.