MONDAY, SEPT. 14: 'A Better Way' was the theme driven home by members of a new political party today.

Six former UBP members held a press conference to announce their decision to form a new, yet unnamed, political party.

In the words of lead spokesman Shawn Crockwell, the party would be "unencumbered with the division and polarization of racial politics".

MPs Donte Hunt, Mr. Crockwell and Mark Pettingill, along with Senator Michael Fahy as well as Sean Pitcher and R. Wayne Scott each gave a brief statement.

Until the new party has a name, the three MPs will sit as independents when the House of Assembly resumes in November.

Sen. Fahy Said: "We have no ill will towards the UBP or its Leader Mr. Kim Swan... After he 2007 election it was clear that something needed to be done drastically to make the UBP more palatable to the community at large."

He said plans were put forward but to no avail. Mr. Fahy said after 18 months of inaction they had been "left with little alternative but to part ways."

Mr. Hunt added: "There is absolutely no malice in this decision - we are not acting against any party or for any ill intent. Our sole reason for this is to provide Bermuda with a better way."

Mr. Pettingill said: "We do not want our children growing up in a Bermuda where the issues of the day are overtaken by mudslinging based on race and party affiliation."

Former UBP Chairman, Mr. Pitcher said: "By demonstrating our willingness to step outside the umbrella of the UBP we can make that difference that is being sought in the community."

And Mr. Scott added: "Our new party will look to cut across the existing PLP/UBP divide and truly be a party that looks to end the way of blinding following either one."