The Opposition today tabled a 'motion of no confidence' in Premier Ewart Brown.

Rumblings have persisted on both sides of the political aisle that Dr. Brown's leadership style is arrogant and autocratic. However, the final straw appears to be the Premier's decision to give refuge to four former Guantanamo Bay prisoners. The move - which has drawn condemnation from China and the U.K. - was conducted so secretly that even members of Dr. Brown's inner political circle were kept in the dark.

The motion tabled today, signed by Opposition leader Kim Swan, reads: "Why have we moved a motion of no confidence? The public affairs of Bermuda are increasingly subject to the politics of one-man rule under the Premier, Dr. Ewart Brown. We consider this unhealthy and not in Bermuda's best interest."

Referring to the Guantanamo Bay refugees, who are of the ethnic Uigher sect, the motion continues: "This is not just about Uighers in Bermuda, though that issue typifies a style of leadership that is reckless, autocratic and conducted with no sense of accountability to the people or, indeed, to Bermuda's Constitution. The motion reflects concerns held by the general public but also our long-standing concerns about a host of public issues that have not been well managed.

"What we are seeking with this motion is a change of leadership for Bermuda - not necessarily a change of government at this time - but a change that can get this island back on a steady course, where we no longer are distracted by the antics of one man, where we can collectively get together, roll up our sleeves and start working on solutions that are best for Bermuda. The motion was drafted with reference to Section 59 of the Bermuda Constitution: "Tenure of Office of the Premier and other Ministers."

The motion will sit in the House of Assembly for two weeks before a vote takes place.