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Statement by Premier Craig Cannonier: 

“I have no comment on a story that uses anonymous sources to rehash the so-called ‘Jetgate' affair, which has been the focus of Opposition attacks against the Government for more than a year, other than to say that I flatly refute the allegation that I requested any monies from U.S. developer, Mr. Nathan Landow.  

My OBA colleagues and I have been working all-out to get jobs for Bermudians and rebuild the economy. That is our mission and our number one priority.  People understand that we have to clean up the mess that this government inherited.

In order to stimulate inward investment to the Island, I meet with many people, both at home and overseas, to make this happen. This hard work for Bermuda will continue. I will not be distracted by accusations and innuendos from unnamed sources whose objective is to undermine the OBA efforts for Bermuda.  I know that there are those who would not want this country to succeed under an OBA administration.  But we must succeed - for Bermuda’s sake. 

This side show is a distraction.  There are many interested investors who are watching us. We want potential investors to know that we will treat them with the highest levels of integrity and that we welcome their guidance on what it would take for them to invest in Bermuda.

The reporter of the article "Selling Bermuda” has confirmed in his own story that nothing has been sold.  Although U.S. developer Mr. Nathan Landow did express an interest in developing the St. George’s hotel property, his company did not submit a proposal in time.  

This government remains focused on moving the country forward.  Data shows that we’re doing just that, with upcoming construction projects such as Pink Beach Club and the growing numbers of business incorporations.  These and other developments bode well for Bermudians who need the jobs that these new opportunities create.  That is -- and will continue to be -- my focus."