The AME church today opposed Government plans to rewrite the law to protect gay people from discrimination.

The island’s third-largest faith group said it spoke out because a change in the law to extend basic human rights to gay people was an example of legislation that “threatens the traditional family structure and erodes Bermuda society as a whole.”

The press release, from the AME social action committee, added: “Since the Bible is clear that a relationship involving sexual intimacy is to be between a man and a woman within the bounds of marriage, legislation that endorses homosexuality violates God’s word and gives up a Christian conscientious obligation to obey it.”

The previous PLP Government signalled that it was looking at amending Bermuda’s laws to bring it into line with other western nations, while the OBA administration, that won power last December, is to table similar legislation soon.

But the AME said: “The AME church believes all people are made in God’s image, including those affected by same sex attraction.

“The church will defend human dignity because of the church’s commitment to godly principles.

“However, the AME church unapologetically resists this amendment and appeals to those of like mind to do the same.”