Premier Cannonier thanked the people and his family for support. He said: “We were elected to remind Bermuda that we our brothers’ keeper”
Premier Cannonier thanked the people and his family for support. He said: “We were elected to remind Bermuda that we our brothers’ keeper”



Premier Craig Cannonier was unchallenged for Party Leader at the One Bermuda Alliance Conference Saturday night at the Fairmont Southampton Resort.

Likewise, Michael Dunkley also went unchallenged as Deputy Party Leader and both were elected for another two-year term.

Approximately 300 people attend the conference, the first since the OBA won the General Election in December 2012.

Premier Cannonier thanked the people and his family for support. He said: “We were elected to remind Bermuda that we our brothers’ keeper."

He said even though the island is facing tough economic times “We are all in this boat together”.

Other highlights included Mr Dunkley saying “Gun violence is a cancer that is sucking the life out of our society.” He added: “There have been too many funerals, there have been too many young lives wasted.”

Home Affairs Minister Michael Fahy told the audience: “No matter how unpopular our decisions may seem, if policies aren’t working, we will change them.” He added: “Our responsibility is to the people of Bermuda no matter their political persuasion.”

Tourism Minister Shawn Crockwell said: “We will get our tourism industry going again. That’s what we’ll get done.”

The conference was opened by St George’s MP Nandi Outerbridge, who gave a speech on her reasons for running. Wayne Scott, the Minister of Community, Culture and Sport Wayne Scott also spoke.  Senator Jeff Baron was the evening’s MC.

All of the speakers talked about the progress the OBA had made since taking over the Government nearly a year ago.  They affirmed that the Government was on track with its recovery and renewal efforts.

In his speech, Party Chairman Thad Hollis said:  “I joined the OBA for change.  We, yes we, are doing that.  Tonight you will hear from the Premier and some of his Cabinet Ministers, about the vision for Bermudians and our Party.  Making accountability at every level not just a concept, but the way of doing business and governance. In here tonight, in this room and beyond, We are a team.  We are cleaning up the mess, together.   Opportunity.  We are not satisfied with fixing the mess we’ve been left with, we are building a better Bermuda, not just for ourselves, but for all Bermudians and for our future.  We will continue to look under the hood, we will ensure that there is a proper accounting of public expenses…

 The OBA is an optimistic, forward thinking party dedicated to making Bermuda work better for its people.

“We identify better standards of conduct, alternative approaches, new ideas and better policies.

“The OBA is about bringing to Bermuda a higher form of politics that is people-focused, not party-focused. It is a force for unity.

“When we formed the One Bermuda Alliance it was formed as a party that was tired of business as usual.  The People of Bermuda were hurting with thousands unemployed and underemployed.  Gang violence was at an all-time high, many people had no confidence in the PLP government to get us out of the mess we were in. 

“The One Bermuda Alliance was founded to give the people of Bermuda real change.  It was founded so that people could come together whether no matter your political affiliation and have a voice. 

“It was founded so that young people would have voice.

“It was founded so that women could have a voice.

“It was founded so that people who wanted a better Bermuda where we learn from the past so that it can help guide our future.

“It was founded so that workers can have a voice.

“It was founded so that business owners can have a voice.

“It was founded so teachers could have a voice.

“It was founded to promote social and economic equity leaving no one behind.  A good paying job, safe and secure neighbourhoods, great schools for great kids, and good governance.

“It was founded to promote opportunity, inclusiveness, fairness, transparency, responsibility, integrity, and service.

“The people wanted a change. They wanted to know that when they woke up in the morning that the government was responsive to their needs.  And so we embarked on a journey of service.  We embarked on journey that said that business owners and workers can find common ground.”