Lovita Foggo *File photo
Lovita Foggo *File photo
Statement by Lovita Foggo

It is sad that given the East End provided the margin of victory for the One Bermuda Alliance’s Election campaign that a year later the OBA has turned its back on the people of the East End.

• In 2012 the OBA said they would move more government services to Southside, in 2013 they close the Lamb-Foggo urgent care centre.

• In 2012 the OBA accused the PLP of neglecting the East end of the island yet in 2013 three OBA MPs could not stop their constituents from losing access to urgent health care in their community.

• In 2012 Premier Cannonier hailed the fact that he was a St. David’s native, one year later the first closure under his leadership is right in his childhood backyard.

• In 2012 the OBA said they would “Establish an ambulance station that will serve St. George’s and St. David’s.”, now in 2013, no ambulance station and no Urgent Care Centre. 

What a difference a year makes!

No explanation, no consultation, no consideration of any alternatives for the people of the East End. The OBA can find money to pay for their army of consultants, but cannot find $250,000 to keep an urgent care centre and jobs in the east end of the Island.

Bermudians deserve better. They deserve a Premier that won’t turn his back on his community. They deserve better than Members of Parliament that can pose for photo-ops but are silent when the urgent care centre is taken from their constituents.

We call on Premier Cannonier and MPs Kenny Bascome, Nandi Davis, and Suzanne Roberts-Holshouser to speak up for the people of the East End. If they remain silent, East End voters will see that all of the pretty promises before the election were just words to win votes.

It is time for the OBA MPs to stand up for the residents of the East End!