Neil Patterson, KPMG chairman, and Philip Butterfield, BHCT chairman *Photo supplied
Neil Patterson, KPMG chairman, and Philip Butterfield, BHCT chairman *Photo supplied

No matter if your donation is big or small, it all matters to the construction of the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital’s new wing.

The acute care wing will make the hospital a world-class facility by 2014, hospital officials say, and the Bermuda Hospitals Charitable Trust has been doing all it can to raise funds.

Today, KPMG donated $250,000 to the Why It Matters campaign.  The donation makes the total funds raised close to $28 million since April 2011.

Don Mackenzie, chair for the local companies committee, said BHCT encourages individuals and/or companies to donate whatever they can.

“The KMPG donation is reflective of the firm’s commitment to the well-being of its employees, and importantly, the well-being of our overall community,” he said.

“The KPMG donation reflects the recognition of our donors that we only have one acute hospital and that we all need to support our health care system. KPMG clearly cares about the community.”

He continued: “The Bermuda Hospitals Charitable Trust seeks to have all residents of Bermuda to contribute to the hospital redevelopment through the Why it Matters campaign.

“The participation in supporting the new facility is as (or more) important than the amount given. We would like to have broad support from all corners of Bermuda.”

In a press statement, Neil Patterson, chairman of KPMG in Bermuda, said: “Our employees and our families live in Bermuda and our firm has been an integral part of the local community for over fifty years. 

“The redevelopment and expansion of KEMH is the most important infrastructure project for many years; it will improve the lives of everyone in Bermuda and future generations to come.

“As such, KPMG is very proud to support the construction of this world-class hospital facility through today’s donation.”

Philip Butterfield, chairman of BHCT, said the charity is “deeply appreciative” of the donation.

According to the press statement, upon the completion of the redevelopment project, patients and visitors will benefit from a state-of-the-art medical facility, matched by an exceptional standard of clinical practice and patient-centred care.