Danny McDonald took to the streets of Hamilton to ask people what’s the first thing they would do in 2014 if they were Premier of Bermuda: 

Dellman Daniels, 40, Qualified mechanic


‘Do something to create more jobs. That would make life a little better. People feel better about themselves if they have a job. That and more youth centres and programmes. That’s what we need.’



Jamali Smith
, 21, Sales rep

‘I’d push for casino gaming. It’d be something new and exciting. We’re a tourist haven, but there’s a lot of families that come here. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, but this might bring more younger people. You might encourage a different demographic to come to the island. It’s good to shake things up every now and then.’



Pauline Southerington
, 58, Housewife

‘I would try to get the people who are sleeping rough off the streets. That’s what I’d do. It’s a shame, really.’



Carol Seymour
, 45, Airport screener

I’d try to do more for my people financially. More direct financial aid to people. More jobs. A lot of people are struggling. They need financial and spiritual support.’



Mohamed Namaz
, 41, Financial analyst

‘I’d look to improve the public transportation. I’d like to see the buses run with more frequency and later in the day. They stop running some of the routes quite early.’



Kinney Owens, 30, Nurse

‘From what I see, the island looks like it’s being run pretty well. I’m not so sure I would make any big changes.’