Stunners: Models from the Evolution Fashion Show last year. This year will be the last year the event will run in its current form. *Photos by Nicola Muirhead
Stunners: Models from the Evolution Fashion Show last year. This year will be the last year the event will run in its current form. *Photos by Nicola Muirhead

The Evolution Fashion Festival is offering the opportunity for one model to participate in the Islands of the World Fashion Showcase in Bahamas, November 2014.

The President and partners from the Miami Fashion Cruise will be present at the City Fashion Festival to select the lucky model to win this amazing prize.

Organizer Danilee Trott said: “The City Fashion Festival organizing team is so excited to have partnered with international entities which allow us to offer our models such amazing opportunities. The Miami Fashion Cruise in conjunction with the Islands of the World Fashion Showcase will be a platform that Bermuda is entering for the first time. We look forward to awarding a lucky model this opportunity.”

What’s more, there is still time to audition — the City of Hamilton has announced a second call for adult models to participate in the event that takes place on July 12 at the west side of City Hall.

The model call takes place on Saturday, April 12 from 11am to 2pm in the Earl Cameron Theatre, City Hall.

The auditions are for models over the age of 13 years only. Models should arrive in a white fitted top and denim bottoms with at least a 4” heel for ladies. Men can wear sneakers or a dress shoe. Any models interested in wearing swimsuits should bring one along for photos.

The City of Hamilton also announced that this year will be the last City Fashion Festival in its current format. So if this is on your bucket list, you missed auditions or you really want a chance to rip the runway, give it a try. 

Shows included in this year will be the Hair & Beauty Show on Monday, July 7, the International Designer Presentation on Tuesday, July 8, the Local Designer Show on Thursday, July 10 and Evolution on Saturday, 12 July. Most adult models will have the opportunity to participate in at least two shows but some may be selected for all four. In addition there will be a preview at Mannequin Mondays on Monday June 30 in retail and salon locations around the city.

So far there are some 175 models lined-up for this year’s show.

Trott promised a few faces on the runway this year and lots of models that will be making their debut. 

Trott said: “Of these we were very excited about the number of mature ladies and men that attended and were selected for the event. They brought a lot of style, personality and character to the runway.

“Although Evolution is always the spectacle finale event for the week, we have some amazing shows prior to this one that most adult and some teen models will also have the opportunity to participate in. They are all very exciting and entertaining. 

“In addition, they highlight our Bermudian designers, hair stylists, cosmetologists and models in very professional standard showcases. The opportunity to work with international designers and fashion editors can be life changing and is always an experience to reflect on. Of course we have made one major change to Evolution this year and we hope the crowds will love the relocation of the main stage to the west side of City Hall extending the 80’ runway into the City Hall car park. This will give the audience a much broader range of site, more seating space and a great food court and shopping village to enjoy. We are also looking to improve the service and benefits for the VIP and sponsor areas. The ‘surprises’ for the Evolution show itself… must be seen in person. 

The Evolution Fashion Show finale takes place at City Hall on July 12. The full festival runs July 7, 8, 9, 10 & 12