Popular choice: Katherine Arnfield is now placed at #12 in the People’s Champion category of the Miss World competition. *Photo supplied
Popular choice: Katherine Arnfield is now placed at #12 in the People’s Champion category of the Miss World competition. *Photo supplied

Miss Bermuda Katie Arnfield stands at an incredible 12th place in the People’s Choice Award. 

She has attracted more voters than some of the much larger countries in the world which makes it all the more impressive. 

Her father Alexander told us: “The People’s Choice Award is a mystery to us. We have no idea how this has occurred but pleased Bermuda is following her progress.”

If she wins the People’s Champion Award she will have a secure place in Saturday’s finals. You vote could help her to get to the finals or even to get her crown Miss World.

To vote for her simply download the app from this link: www.missworld.com/JoinourClub/

Security at Miss World watertight

When Miss Bermuda Katherine Arnfield was delivered to Bali amidst threats of Muslim protests against the Miss World Competition, her mother Margaret was not even allowed to accompany her into her new hotel. 

They had travelled from the Indonesian capital Jakarta where the unrest was most feared to break out, to the separate island of Bali.  

Since then the 17-year-old pageant queen has only been allowed email access to her parents Margaret and Alexander. 

This will be the case up until the finals which take place Saturday morning at 9am Bermuda time.

Alexander, who is now in Bali, told us: “We have only had daily very short emails from her and no other contact. When Margaret took her to the Miss World hotel at Pan Pacific in Tanah Lot, Bali, she was asked to leave immediately and not even allowed to help her unpack. 

“Since then, there’s been no contact at all until after the event last night. Margaret has been wandering around Bali playing tourist, but not quite in the five star accommodation Katie has enjoyed. Margaret is up to her 10th hotel!”

Alexander said that the family felt safe in Bali where the majority of residents are Hindu and indifferent to the competition.

He told us: “I was nervous long before arriving here as I remember the 2002 and 2005 bombings. 

“I was nervous about the Jakarta part as that is where all the demonstrations take place. It was a relief that they moved it to Bali although it was a nightmare for the Miss World organization trying to house hundreds of people in Bali hotels etc. But it feels very safe. 

“The security has been very good as Nusa Dua is a high cost tourist enclave of many huge hotels on a peninsular, with only three entrances, so theoretically controllable. The MW group have kept a very low profile and the girls have been under strict control, which I’m sure has been a little frustrating.

“I’ve wandered the grounds, a lot, and felt quite comfortable. Security has not stopped me as I suppose I look more Australian (most of the tourists are from Oz) than Muslim fundamentalist!”

Alexander said he had given Katherine some fatherly advice about how to do well in the Miss Bermuda competition. 

He said: “I advised Katie, even though she is only 17, and years younger than most contestants, to jump in with both feet and get the maximum from the experience. Most of the girls are in their 20’s, well educated and quite worldly. She has shared rooms with various other contestants such as Miss Bahamas, Miss Finland etc. Didn’t sound too bad to me!

“I’m sure this has been a great experience for Katie and she certainly seems different having not seen her for nearly a month. I think she could cope with most things now. 

“Must be having a 100 camera men following constantly and also working 15 hours a day trying to look her best. Saltus will be a rest when she gets back!”

Miss Bermuda has now climbed up to number 12 in the People’s Champion category — she is now placed at number 12 out of the original 130 contestants. If she wins this category she will definitely make it to the finals on Saturday. She needs your vote…

To vote download the App and vote for Katherine Arnfield: http://www.missworld.com/JoinourClub/