*Photo by Nicola Muirhead
*Photo by Nicola Muirhead

Name: Shantia Seymour

• Date of Birth: February 17 1994

• Parish: Warwick

• Occupation: College student/ Fatimaya writer/ Bermuda A La Mode junior helper

• Ambition: I plan to obtain degrees in international business and fashion and join the corporate world. Self motivation is a must and I constantly give myself pats on the back. Nobody is going to love you better than yourself!

• Use three words to describe yourself: Strong, independent, different.

• Your definition of style?: Uniquely bold! As many know, I never like to match and will take a piece and make it into something completely different. Your mums hand-me-downs are great too ladies! Stand out, be yourself and OWN your style.

• Shameless plug?: Huge shout out to Style Bermuda, ShowOff Magazine and Fatimaya for forming and guiding me into the girl I am today in this fab world of fashion.