Miss Bermuda Katie Arnfield is competing for the title of Miss World today in Indonesia.
Miss Bermuda Katie Arnfield is competing for the title of Miss World today in Indonesia.
* The competition is over. 

10:55am: The winner of Miss World is Miss Philippines. Runner-up and in second was Miss France followed by Miss Ghana.

10:25am: They showed bits of the talent competition and now are going into profiles of the various finalists. 

10:12am: The top five: France, Philippines, Ghana, Brazil, and Spain. The People's Choice Award winner is Gibraltar - Katie had a good run at it but came up just short.

10:07am: the People's Champion will be announced after the break and the remaining 10 contestants will be reduced to five.

10:01am: The People's Choice Award winner has not yet been announced. There was a segment on 'Beauty With A Purpose" on how contestants help out the less fortunate in their own country. 

9:50am: The top 10: Ghana, Jamaica, Spain, Indonesia, England, Nepal, France, Australia, Brazil and Philippines, who was the leader at this stage of the competition. 

9:42am: Katie did not make the top 20 to qualify for the semi-finals so unless she is the People's Choice Award winner, she will be eliminated.

9:39am: The top 10 semi-finalists will be announced shortly.

9:32am: France, Ghana, Jamaica were the top three contestants after the initial scores were announced. Miss Bermuda was not in the top 20. 

9:27am: They had a segment on Dances from the World where the contestants were dressed in native costume and highlighted moves from their country. Countries highlighted included: Chile, Slovakia, US Virgin Islands, China PR, Venezuela, Dominican Republic among others. I couldn't see where Katie was.

9:19am: Katie is competing against 126 other contestants. There's still time to vote for her as the People's Choice Award winner. Go to http://www.missworld.com/ to download the app and vote for her.

9:15am: The contestants are finally all introduced and they are now holding hands singing a song to the host country Indonesia. Miss bermuda is holding hands with Miss Aruba.

9:05am: Miss Bermuda Katie Arnfield was introduced with the second set of contestants wearing a gown of white and blue.