Last week’s photo... 

Another good response from readers, to last week’s photo. David Lopes, Fred Wheatley, Sinny Smith, David Semos, Murray and Kate Terceira, Johnny Five and Ellen Coelho called in with a little equestrian elaboration on last week’s photo. 

The photo is of Shelly Bay Race Track in the late 1950s or early 1960s. The gentleman in the suit is A.F. ‘Fats’ Semos, while the horse is Volo Lad, being driven by Harold Caldwell. 

David Lopes let us know that ‘Fats’ was in real estate, but also owned and raced horses. He owned three at that time, and Volo Lad was a ‘trotter’. 

Harold Caldwell was a very good driver because, according to Lopes, a trotter was a horse that you needed to be patient with. 

Johnny Five also let us know that he spotted Brenda Cardoza in the crowd. 



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