Bermuda-grown sativa variety cannabis which has been allowed to go to seed for future generations. *Photo supplied
Bermuda-grown sativa variety cannabis which has been allowed to go to seed for future generations. *Photo supplied

Allowing a collective of Bermudian growers to harvest their own cannabis crops would lower the price of medical marijuana.

This from activist Alan Gordon, who said Bermuda has the capability to meet the demand from nearly two dozen growers.

Mr Gordon, who claims he speaks for these growers, says immediate amnesty must be granted to persons growing cannabis for gravely ill patients who cannot afford medicine with or without a permit.

He said: “There is only one way to allow the immediate medical cannabis called for by the CRC Report.

“We need to just do it instead of just shuffling paperwork. Eighty small medical-grade cannabis trees are available to start, and [there are] over 50 medical cannabis strains currently on-island.”

 The activist claims he holds a stack of cancer and MS patients’ letters discussing life-or-death need for medical cannabis in some cases, or in other cases discussing ailments so debilitating that many readers would be moved to tears.  

He added some patients are stuck in Bermuda, where affordable medicine is non-existent, and some Bermudian patients are stuck in America, doing remarkably well, but unable to come home with their “life-saving medicine”. 

Gordon says he recently helped move some plants for safety, and “it made me feel like a criminal, clandestinely moving medicine, avoiding phone and Internet like a Cold War spy  — and all that, for what?  We’re only talking about one or two cancer patients’ worth.

“Life-saving medicine should not be delayed by bureaucracy and forms  —  cancer patients shouldn’t wait one more day, nor be asked to break the law.

Gordon called out Government for “dawdling and taking too long to emerge from the Victorian era”. 

According to Gordon, absurdly high prices for cannabis mean that medical cannabis will be neither affordable nor safe (even for home-grows) so long as the crop is banned for the public.  

He said: “If Government means to allow medical access, then they need to do so. There are no other options, since importing is not viable and experienced local growers won’t reveal their identities without amnesty.

“There can be no affordable medical cannabis unless the price is lowered — which cannot occur without devaluing the crop’s scarcity via home grows, and not by dictating that it be smuggled in. Forcing patients to delay or else rely on underground supplies probably isn’t even a lawful policy anyway.”