WEDNESDAY, APRIL 18: A play about a ladies’ man who has to change his ways as he expects a baby debuts tonight.

A Sudden Change was written by Wesley ‘Mr Magic’ Phillips and will be on at City Hall until Friday night.

The play centers around ladies’ man character Mike Scott.

A press statement said: “There’s no momma’s baby, daddy maybes around here.

“When a surprise change interrupts the lifestyle of ladies’ man Mike Scott, there is no hesitation.

“Mike steps up to the plate and embraces fatherhood.

“It certainly helps to have a strong friendship-net to help him with the challenges of the unexpected life change.”

Organisers say the play will pull at heartstrings and explores every emotion.

The play itself is meant to uplift men in the community.

“Join the stellar cast, awesome story line, belly-aching laughs and teary moments as we uncover the sudden change that will force Bermuda to open their minds, embrace the men in our community and realize that even through times of hardship, there’s happiness on the other side.”

Tickers are available at Kit and Caboodle or 27th Century Boutique.

Tickets for tonight are $45 and $65.

Regular tickets are $35 for April 19th and 20th.

The show starts at 8pm nightly.