* Photo supplied. Witness: Mr. St Leger has seen harrowing sights such as a dead man shot by police.
* Photo supplied. Witness: Mr. St Leger has seen harrowing sights such as a dead man shot by police.
A teacher says the people of Haiti are so desperate to get food from him they try to rip the clothes off his back to get his attention.

Leyde St. Leger is on a week-long relief trip exchanging money and visiting markets to buy supplies such as rice, beans and cooking oil in bulk.

He has purchased 110 bags of rice using Bermudian money, including cash collected by students and staff at Sandys Secondary Middle School. Mr. St. Leger is a M2 team leader and math teacher at the school.

He says at each 'feeding location' he has to help settle disputes about who gets the supplies.

Sometimes people are hanging off the back of the truck and he says the pleading is tough to ignore "but you have to as you can't help everyone".

Whenever anyone thanks Mr. St. Leger or wishes blessings upon him, he simply nods and says: "Don't thank me, thank Bermuda."


Mr. St. Leger, 33, updated his Facebook page, saying: "It's chaos, I mean chaos.

"People were grabbing on my clothes ready to pull them off to get my attention.

"I can't imagine being comfortable while they are struggling."

Mr. St. Leger, who was born in America to Haitian parents, lost his aunt and cousin in the earthquake last month. Many more of his family members have been left homeless.

He has also picked up 45 people, mostly children, and personally taken them to Bermudian charity worker Philip Rego's clinic in Bon Repos.

The clinic was also given 20 bags of rice and water to give to the community.

Mr. St. Leger said: "People (have also) started asking me for clothes. They said theirs were under rubble.

"They lost everything. They said that they would take anything I give them - my T-shirts, my socks, my underwear."

Mr. St. Leger has seen some harrowing sights, such as a dead man who had been shot by police for trying to take money from the rubble of a bank.

He also spoke to a woman who spent eight days buried alive. She survived by eating Maggi seasoning cubes and drinking her own urine.


His message to people back in Bermuda remains the same.

He said: "Thank you Bermuda for continuing to give, I am trying to represent you well."

Mr. St. Leger flies back to Bermuda today and returns to Haiti on Monday.