Corey Lewis. *Photo by Don Burgess
Corey Lewis. *Photo by Don Burgess

Corey Lewis is having a successful first year racing go-karts.

That might be expected from someone who has a long family history in motorsports. 

Lewis’ father Travis raced powerboats and his grandfather Frank also competed in karting back in the day when it was held on PHC’s dirt track.

The Learning Express student said he started racing because many of his friends in his neighbourhood — Blake Horseman, Ryan Lopes and Stephen Corrado — also competed in the sport.

He told the Bermuda Sun: “I just thought it would be fun if I joined with them. In the pits it’s friendly competition, but we’re all still friends. The competition never goes to our heads.”


Lewis, 14, said one of the best parts of competing is working on his kart.

He said: “I’ve learned how to take the engine apart and how it works.”

Lewis said this has spurred an interest in mechanics, something he might like to do as a career when he grows older.

His favourite race this season was when he was competing against Lopes.

“Everybody else was away over the Easter holiday. We had never raced against each other before because he’s in a different class. It was a lot of fun. We shook hands after every race. The fact is he’s just an excellent driver in go-karts so beating him for the first time was a lot of fun.”

Several junior drivers like Amber Lopes, Al Seymour and Corrado have made a successful jump up to compete against the adults, a move Lewis is contemplating for himself. 

“I might move up to the next class next year. I’m looking forward to competing against people who are a lot older than me.”

Lewis said the straightaway runs from the west to the east, he races better as there is more room at the end of the straightaway to make moves.

Like most karters, the sport has a deep family root. He loves racing when his grandfather Frank Lewis is in the stands.

Corey said: “He’s been around go-karts before. When he comes down to see me race and watches me go from third to first, I like to see his face light up.”

Travis added: “One of the biggest enjoyments I got out of powerboats was working on them and seeing the fruits of your labour. So when I work on his kart and see him run well, especially when we work on it together as a father and son team, it is rewarding. I love that he’s taken a real shine to it and he’s pretty talented. It’s a fun sport and there are a lot of families down there.” n