New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg *AFP photo
New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg *AFP photo
New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg today left little doubt about where his political sympathies lie in Bermuda.

He heaped praise on the One Bermuda Alliance, which came to power in December of last year at the expense of the Progressive Labour Party.

The Mayor, who has a home in Tucker’s Town, was speaking at the christening ceremony of the Norwegian Breakaway in New York. The ship will make its maiden voyage to Bermuda next week.

Mr Bloomberg was invited to the podium after Bermuda’s Premier Craig Cannonier and Bahamas Prime Minister Perry Christie spoke.

As far as we know, Mayor Bloomberg had never publicly commented about Bermuda’s Government before.

But at the christening ceremony he did not mince his words.

“Premier Cannonier is a new Premier. They have a new Government in Bermuda and I can just tell you it is like night and day.

“Bermuda has always been a wonderful island and today it is an awful lot better than before. It keeps getting better every time. People love this new Government and tourists will as well.”

Mayor Bloomberg will be stepping down as New York City’s leader in 238 days.

He told Premier Cannonier and Prime Minister Christie that after he retires from being Mayor “I’ll have plenty of time to go to both your wonderful islands. I’ve been to a lot of islands in my 71 years and you’re never made to feel welcome as you are in both of these places.

“Bermuda and the Bahamas — we will welcome the contacts between New York and you.”

Mayor Bloomberg praised the Breakaway. He said: “This is a wonderful day for this ship and for New York… what a way to travel”.