Nandi Outerbridge *File photo
Nandi Outerbridge *File photo

Premier Craig Cannonier is standing by his youngest MP, Nandi Outerbridge — and has dismissed calls for her recall in St George’s West.

Mr Cannonier said he spoke to Nandi Outerbridge and her husband “on a daily basis”. 

Mrs Outerbridge, 26, was elected in St George’s West at last December’s General Election.

He told the Bermuda Sun in an e-mail yesterday: “We support her wholeheartedly — that is me, as the Premier, the Cabinet and the One Bermuda Alliance party.”

Mr Cannonier spoke out after Mrs Outerbridge, who married in June and was elected under her maiden name of Davis, was interviewed by police, allegedly in connection with a domestic matter.

Mrs Outerbridge voluntarily attended Hamilton police station last week
and was released on police bail. Mr Cannonier said: “I don’t see any reason for this to affect the party or Nandi. This is a very personal situation that she is facing. 

“She has proven to be a great politician thus far and we look forward to developing her political career.”

The OBA campaign
platform said it would introduce rules for the recall of MPs whose behaviour was out of bounds — though observers have been quick to point out, to her public detractors, that she is innocent until proven guilty.

Mr Cannonier said: “The OBA has been looking at the parameters for the recalling of an MP. Nandi Outerbridge has not been charged with anything – therefore there is nothing for us to even consider.

“This particular situation does not even come close to requiring a recall.”

He added: “I am aware that she is assisting the police in their process of investigating a complaint, but I reiterate – she has not been charged with anything.”

Ms Outerbridge is represented by QC Saul Froomkin. n