Wellness: Tali Gabai-Maiato and Reuben Bean practice Shin-Gi-Tai at Berkeley Institute. *Photo by Kageaki Smith
Wellness: Tali Gabai-Maiato and Reuben Bean practice Shin-Gi-Tai at Berkeley Institute. *Photo by Kageaki Smith

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 2: Tali Gabai-Maiato talks to the Sun about her experience so far training with top Bermuda martial artist Reuben Bean in his new fitness and wellness programme Shin-Gi-Tai.

High fitness and energy levels, exceptional health, a strengthened immune system and a sound mind. What else could anyone ask for?

Top Bermuda martial artist Reuben Bean claims his new fitness and wellness programme Shin-Gi-Tai Auto-Flow, which combines ancient wisdom and modern movement, can offer all these benefits and more.

Shin-Gi-Tai translates into mind-body/heart-spirit while Auto-Flow means spontaneous integrative movement that combines the principals of yoga, Tai Chi, Gigong and physical movement. These movements are designed and, according to Bean scientifically proven, to burn fat, sculpt lean muscle, build core functional strength and enhance overall wellness within just weeks.

Tali Gabai-Maiato has been taking the classes at Berkeley Institute for several weeks now and says she is feeling energised, stress-free and incredibly fit as a result.

“It gives you a lot of energy from the breathing techniques you can feel the energy vibrate through you afterwards. It’s different from anything else I have done — I have been working muscles I didn’t know existed.

 “The breathing techniques make you feel balanced and give you focus. You can release any stress that you have in your day.

“The movements are not complex, everyone can do them, but you do have to pay attention to what you are doing in order to follow the class.”

Explosive power

Physical fitness is a huge factor in the programme, which has been created by Bean himself. He says that by training you have the potential to possess “explosive power” in a short amount of time. What’s more, the body works anaerobically thereby enhancing the immune system.

“I absolutely believe that it helps your immune system,” added Gabai Maiato. “It helps your body fend off anything you might come across and you can literally feel the energy coursing through your body at the end of the class.”

Combined, Shin-Gi-Tai Auto-Flow is greatly influenced by the 3,000-year-old wisdom and techniques taught by Avalokitesvara (Guan-Shi-Yin), his wife Quan Yin and his predecessor Fu Xi. They were the creators of the three Yin Yang energy spheres.

Bean explained: “Most people are familiar with the basic Yin Yang symbol and there is a plethora of information covering this topic. However, what is not commonly known is that there are two additional Energy Spheres that work conjunct with this one sphere. Health, fitness wellbeing and expansion of consciousness are states of mind. It’s not a martial art — it has a few of the principals of Gigong which is an energy enhancing Chinese system and the principals of Tai Chi and physical movement. It is more than a martial art because it detoxes and strengthens the mind, emotion and the body.”

Gabai-Maiato says she is sure that Bean’s own bursting energy levels are a great motivator. “He will bounce into class and do somersaults — I’m not even joking. His energy level is a big part of the class.”

For information email jiketsuadmin@northrock.bm. Classes take place on Mondays and Thursdays from 12pm to 1pm and on Thursday evenings from 7pm to 8pm. The classes cost $200 a month for two classes a week.