FLEXIBLE: The MV Oleander can carry wheeled cargo, with a Roll-on, Roll-off service.
FLEXIBLE: The MV Oleander can carry wheeled cargo, with a Roll-on, Roll-off service.

The key to a great construction job is to ensure that the correct equipment and materials are available when needed.

Bermuda Container Line Ltd (BCL) understands this and that is why we are proud to supply the construction industry with vehicles and materials from overseas.


BCL has been operating for more than 30 years and has made more than 1,500 trans-Atlantic crossings during this time.

We have been committed to providing support to different industries in Bermuda, and are dedicated to continuing this excellent line of service well into the future.

Our ship the MV Oleander is specifically designed to carry wheeled cargo; and has no problem transporting heavy equipment such as dump trucks, forklifts, back hoes and drilling machines.

The Oleander offers Bermuda’s only Roll-on/Roll-off (RoRo) shipping service, which eliminates the need to containerize cargo.

The ship is able to carry 300-plus Twenty-foot Equivalent Units (TEU), and has an enclosed garage area for sensitive cargoes such as cars.

Along with doing a great job, BCL takes the right steps to ensure we are well-equipped to continue doing so in the future.

We have been diligent in helping to groom the next crop of young Bermudian cadets in the hope that they can one day continue to do the good work BCL provides.

BCL is happy to import vehicles, materials and any other required items that you may need in order to complete your construction jobs.

We can facilitate the shipping of any specialized trucks or machines at affordable prices, and we know how to work to a schedule.    

BCL is proud to contribute to Bermuda, and our commitment goes beyond working with the NTB (National Training Board) and Department of Marine and Ports.

BCL itself is owned by mostly Bermudians and has 530 shareholders.

These shareholders include office and dockworkers, as well as overseas partners.

This means that, with the success of BCL, comes the success of working Bermudians.

They work hard to ensure that your construction goods arrive in a safe and timely manner, and to ensure that the reputation of BCL remains top class. When you buy BCL, you buy Bermuda.

We can offer you cost-effective rates and reliability.

With the safety of the RoRo service, BCL lives by the words ‘Shipping done right’ to ensure construction business owners that their vehicles and equipment will arrive safely and in good time.

When you ship with BCL you will be supporting a Bermudian-owned company, which continues to support and develop tomorrows’ leaders in the field.

So help BCL build a bright future for Bermuda, and the next time you require any shipping needs, BCL is uniquely equipped to provide you with a reasonably-priced top quality service.

For more information see www.bcl.bm. Contact 295-1624 or e-mail bcl@csm.bm