A Style and Fashion model at a previous show. *Photo supplied
A Style and Fashion model at a previous show. *Photo supplied

TUESDAY, APRIL 10: An over-the-top fashion show fusing together music and fashion will take place this weekend.

Window Dressing will be held on Saturday night at City Hall and is being put on by the Style and Fashion programme.

Organiser Terrylynn Doyle says the event as developed a “cult following” over the past 14 years and things this year will be no different.

The shows are usually sold out year after year.

“Window Dressing will see an explosion of music, dance and fashion,” she said.

“The show will see models in three groups, the guest models, Fly Girls and Divas strut their stuff with confidence.

“This year’s show will take place behind two fashionable windows.”

She continued: “Fans have come to expect an over-the-top opening, a dramatic ending and many little surprises along the way.

“There will be a shout out to ‘Girl Power’ and a salute to the front man of the Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger.”

Ms Doyle said she is a rock music fan and historian and loves to fuse fashion and music together.

“There will also be outstanding choreography and dance, compliments of dance teacher Nikia Manders and her apprentices.

“Throughout the evening, the young ladies will show their communication skills and will be recognized in an awards ceremony for deportment and etiquette.”

The recipient and winner of Style and Fashion’s sponsored overseas fashion internship will also be announced.

The show will start at 7pm and tickets are $35.

Part proceeds till go towards the medical bills of 14-year-old Jakeem Edmead who was diagnosed with cancer.

For more information, email tweeks@transact.bm or call 799-9360.