Alamo rental car company is giving away a free day with a five-day rental for the next two weeks. You’ll have to book the car over a Saturday and the offer is not valid in Manhattan, New York. The deal is through June 8 and you must use the Coupon Code AFD5426JAK to get a day free.

Quite often Alamo will have last minute specials for Miami where you can get a midsize car for just $18 a day, although I have seen it as low as $16. 

Even if you can’t get a deal from Alamo in Miami, it’s worth shopping around as you are spoiled for choice at the airport from a multitude of car rental companies.

Florida SunPass 

If you’ve travelled much in Florida, you know they have plenty of toll roads and use the SunPass system so that you don’t have to stop and pay at every toll. If you do a lot of travelling it might be worth purchasing one of the SunPass slim portable transportable for $25. It can be used on whatever rental vehicle you are in and you can top it up online. 

The convenience of it could make it worth its while rather than having to slow down and pay the toll in cash. It could also present better value than paying a rental car company for a SunPass as you cut out the middleman.

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Cruise transfer

If you are staying in the Miami area, and renting a car and going on a cruise, it’s worth knowing the car companies will take you to the cruise port for free.

That saves you a few bucks for a taxi or buying a transfer from the cruise lines.


It will still be a while before AirTran Airways switches over to the Southwest Airlines brand for the Bermuda market.

The two airlines agreed to a merger in 2011 and the progress has been slow in it becoming one brand.

In April AirTran services to Rochester, New York; Flint, Michigan; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Portland, Maine switched over to Southwest. In June, Wichita, Kansas is the next scheduled city to take the new name. After that, Grand Rapids, Michigan will start to convert to Southwest on August 11.

So it will be a while before the Baltimore and Atlanta flights to Bermuda start bearing the Southwest logo.

Airlines and cruises 

On many US airline sites, you’ll also be able to book cruises. I recently checked deals offered by Delta Airlines for an August cruise. The prices were the same as most places, but Delta tries to sweeten the pot by offering SkyMiles if you purchase through them. A standard seven-day cruise will net you 3,000 frequent flyer miles and Delta is offering triple miles on balconies and suites. On some cruises you don’t have to put a deposit down on it.

I’m a big fan of grabbing all the extra frequent flyer miles I can, but your travel agent may be able to get you a better bonus offer. Quite often you will be able to get shipboard credit, paid gratuities or room upgrades when you purchase a cruise. 

I’ll be a bit of a math nerd here — I’d value the 3,000 miles on a standard room as roughly 1/12th of a free ticket through air miles (typically 35,000). A ticket to Boston or Atlanta would be cost $400 to $500 so I’d value the SkyMiles as being worth between $33 to $41. 

A typical ship board credit would be $50, so you’d be ahead by taking the SBC. 

If you’re close to getting your free ticket, getting the SkyMiles might be the better deal.

Holland America 

The New York Travel Writers Society gave HAL Cruise Line of the Year in its first annual Business Awards. Holland America won for a variety of factors including social media following and popularity, years in business, public opinion and for being environmentally responsible and eco-friendly.