Isaac Anthony. *Photo supplied
Isaac Anthony. *Photo supplied

WEDNESDAY, JAN 30: St Lucia’s Isaac Anthony was appointed as CEO of the Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility (CCRIF) this month.

Bevan Springer, president of CMEx (an organization that supports sustainable tourism), said Anthony’s appointment was “a welcome signal of the region’s determination to do right by the people and organizations which underwrite the dynamic and resilient Caribbean economies.


She added in a press release: “We were already ahead of similar regions but Anthony’s appointment should generate a strong boost of confidence among stakeholders in the Caribbean.”

The president of the CMEx added: “Slow and inefficient payment of claims in the wake of disasters can prolong the devastation for islands, but Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility has been determined to ensure industry and communities got back on their feet again quickly by ensuring people and companies could receive sufficient resources to rebuild in a timely fashion.”

Mr Anthony had many appointments in his native St Lucia as Accountant General, Insurance Registrar and head of the country’s finance department.


Mr Springer said: “The people of the region can rest a little more comfortably knowing this important body has a top man in the top job.

He also lauded Anthony for recognizing the importance of a well-informed media in disaster prevention and reduction. “People will know more about Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility  and what it does for them with Anthony at the helm because he recognizes the value of transparency and openness.”