Health Minister Jeanne Atherden *File photo
Health Minister Jeanne Atherden *File photo

The Minister of Health, Seniors and Environment the Hon. Jeanne Atherden JP MP today reaffirmed Government’s commitment to containing health insurance costs while also meeting the healthcare needs of the Bermudian population.

“This year, for the first time that I can remember, the Standard Premium Rate which is the basic premium included in every insurance policy to cover in-patient and out-patient services at the Hospital, went down,” Minister Atherden said. “In fact, it went down, not by a few cents, but by $23.99 or 7.4%. – down from $325.84 to $301.85.

“The Government recognizes that rising healthcare costs are a major concern for Bermuda – as well as other countries. But last year Bermuda saw a levelling off of total health spending for the first time in over a decade. Despite this, the actual cost of services has continued to rise, so the Ministry remains focused on solutions that will contain costs and improve Bermuda’s health system by encouraging healthier lifestyles and reducing the utilization of and the need for expensive medical services.”

The Ministry is pleased to remind the public that as of June 1st, 2014, HIP (Government’s Health Insurance Plan) premiums remained the same as the previous year at $390 per month; and FutureCare premiums will increase by only $10 per month (or 2.3%) to $450 per month.  This was achieved despite the Ministry having to reduce its budget by$17 million for the current fiscal year, and cuts in subsidies to all insurance plans, including HIP and FutureCare.

The HIP and FutureCare insurance plans continue to provide affordable and accessible healthcare coverage to Bermuda residents and include not only in-patient and out-patient hospitals benefits, but also doctor visits (specialists and physicians) as well as basic dental benefits.

HIP is available to all Bermuda residents above school leaving age.  FutureCare is available to all Bermuda residents aged 65 and above.

Anyone who is interested in obtaining more information on HIP or FutureCare, is invited to contact the Health Insurance Department at 295-9210.  Information can also be found at