A couple who had sex on a plane and then became so abusive to the air crew that the pilot had to divert to Bermuda, plead guilty to the charges of affray and drunkenness in a U.K. court today.

Trevor Augustus Blake, 44 and Nicola Fitzgerald, 27, from Luton, Bedfordshire, were on a British Airways flight from London to Jamaica in December 2005 when staff had to restrain them.

The couple later told the News of the World newspaper that they had sex twice in the aircraft's toilets.

Fitzgerald was quoted as saying: "We felt like we were being very naughty, but we made a point of being quiet."

In court today, prosecutor Danny Robinson said: "The genesis of this difficulty on the plane arose over the pair being refused drinks.

"Some small bottles of wine had been given to both defendants. However the air crew declined to give further drinks because Mr. Blake became rather loud."

Staff restrained Blake, which upset his girlfriend and she had to be restrained, too.

The Daily Mail reports the court heard Blake used obscene language, jabbed his finger at, and issued threats against, the air crew after being refused alcohol, He also scrunched up and threw a piece of paper in temper.

Sentencing is due to take place on June 8.