New PLP leader Marc Bean with new Senators Diallo Rabain, Renee Ming and Marc Daniels. *Photo by Kageaki Smith
New PLP leader Marc Bean with new Senators Diallo Rabain, Renee Ming and Marc Daniels. *Photo by Kageaki Smith

FRIDAY, DEC. 28: The PLP’s new leader has called on the younger generation to help shape the future of the party.

Marc Bean told the Bermuda Sun that relative youth and inexperience would not bar members’ from helping the PLP to move forward.

And he insisted that making the most of young talent and energy within the party would not create a ‘generation gap’ within the PLP.

The comments came after Mr Bean was officially appointed Opposition Leader at Government House yesterday and he unveiled the party’s young, three-strong Senate team of Diallo Rabain, Marc Daniels and Renee Ming. 

Mr Bean told the Sun: “We need to continue to evolve as a party and ensure that the younger generation carry out their civic duty.

“It is important to bring in young people like these three Senators we have appointed today. But they are not children - they are grown men and women.

“And to bring them into the Senate gives me the energy and the strength that I require for the party. At the same time I would never allow for a generation gap to be created within the party.

“We still need to learn from our elders and sit and seek at their feet. But it is up to my generation to start sharing some of the burden that the older generation has had to carry for so long.”

Shadow Cabinet

The PLP’s Shadow Cabinet was also announced yesterday and sees first time MP David Burt take on the Finance Ministry while newcomer Lawrence Scott is the shadow Minister for Transport.

Kim Wilson will be the party’s shadow Minister for legal affairs and Walton Brown will be the party’s spokesman on Education.

The Shadow Cabinet also sees Wayne Furbert continue in the Tourism Ministry, while Derrick Burgess will be the shadow Minister for Public Works.

Mr Bean said that he was confident his party would return to office at the next General Election.

But he also promised that his party would not simply block legislation put forward by the new Government because it was now in Opposition.

He added: “Winning the next election is our primary focus. We will rebuild the structure of the PLP and we will take it one day at a time. There is much work to be done.”

Mr Bean said: “In opposition we will seek to safeguard the interests of Bermudians but we are not going to take a position of blocking just for the sake of blocking.

“If there is legislation that benefits people, we will be supportive. And because we have 17 seats, expect us to be proactive and look to present our own legislation in an effort to work towards unity.”