Sixty-seven students and six teachers took part in last year's Bermuda Glee. *Photo supplied
Sixty-seven students and six teachers took part in last year's Bermuda Glee. *Photo supplied

THURSDAY, MARCH 8: Auditions for Bermuda Glee, a workshop for kids who sing, act and dance, will take place next month.

The Argo Foundation will put on the workshop from June 29 to July 8.

President Wendy Davis Johnson said: “The Argo Foundation is pleased to present Bermuda Glee for a second year.

“The response we had from last year’s programme was overwhelming, with parents, students and teachers asking that the intensive be repeated again.

“All felt that the programme is unique in the manner in which it brings students and teachers from the public and private school systems together to partner and collaborate in an area that they love - the performing arts.  

“With the support of our partners Barritts, Tokio Millennium Re and Zurich, we’re so pleased to be able to offer this experience to Bermuda’s young people again.”

Ms Johnson said auditions will be held on April 20 at the Berkeley Institute.

“Students should prepare one presentation, singing, dancing or acting, that is no longer than two and a half minutes.

“Students have a fair degree of latitude with what they perform.  

“It can be a poem, a monologue, a song, a dance, whatever students feel most comfortable with.

“The adjudicators will be looking for evidence that students are well prepared and have put some thought into what they are performing.

“Singers may perform a capella or with a backing track.”

Asked about the experience level, Ms Johnson said: “Students don’t need to be expert in a particular area of the performing arts.

“Many students who participated in Bermuda Glee last year were very talented singers, dancers and actors, but there were also students who didn’t have a lot of experience but they had a sincere interest in learning something new and working hard.

“The most important thing for students to understand is that the Bermuda Glee programme is an intensive one.  

“They’re expected to arrive on time, treat each other and their teachers with respect, and work their hardest to put on the best performance they can.

“All of the Bermuda “Gleeks” did this last year, and we know the students who participate this year will, too.”

Auditions will run from 10am to 1pm.

Ms Johnson said students are required to pre-register for the programme and may obtain a registration form either from their performing arts teacher at school or from the Bermuda Glee Facebook page. 

Students must be on site one hour before their scheduled audition.

In addition to the programme, there will be a two-day intensive in technical theatre for students who are interested in light and sound design as well as stage management.

The Argo Foundation established Bermuda Glee in July 2011 to encourage collaboration and partnership between the Island’s public and private school systems.

The programme is presented under the distinguished patronage of Minister of Education Dame Jennifer Smith.

Last year, 67 students aged 14-18 and six teachers from The Berkeley Institute, The Bermuda High School for Girls, CedarBridge Academy and Saltus Grammar School participated in the inaugural programme which culminated in two standing room only performances of original musical theatre created by the students.

This year, Warwick Academy will also be represented on the Bermuda Glee teaching faculty with John Woolridge.

For more information, contact Ms Johnson on 300-3719 or at