Are Bermudians happy? Well, a new music video says we are. 

The video was launched yesterday by Into Bermuda and shows Bermudians singing and dancing to Pharrell Williams’ new song, “Happy”. 

It was created by Andrew Kirkpatrick and Laura Siegfriend of

The video shows people dancing on boats, on a cannon, in parks, in the caves, at beaches, at Dolphin Quest and more. 

It features cameos by Town Crier Ed Christopher, Fairmont Hamilton Princess award winning doorman Carvel Van Putten, Scientist, Adrian Kawaley-Lathan, dancer Marcus Smith, a Gombey troupe, firefighters and more.

The video had more than 15,000 views by Saturday afternoon and more than 60 comments. 

Video versions of the song are all over the internet and it allegedly started in Paris. It has spread to all over the globe including Tunisia, Moscow, Berlin and Jamaica. 

Fitness guru Chalene Johnson recorded her dance version as well and it has gone viral.