DC hiccup: Premier Cannonier was due to host a Bermuda Day event in Washington but it will go ahead anyway. *Creative Commons photo
DC hiccup: Premier Cannonier was due to host a Bermuda Day event in Washington but it will go ahead anyway. *Creative Commons photo

The turmoil over JetGate will prevent Bermuda’s Premier and Ministers from attending several events in the US that had been planned. 

But in this case, “the show must go on” maxim holds true.

Bermuda is scheduled to host the First Official Bermuda Day or 24th of May Celebration in Washington, DC, on May 22. The primary sponsor of that event is the Bermuda Tourism Authority and former Premier Craig Cannonier had been announced as the special guest.

Well-known steel pan player Robert Symons was also announced to be performing at the event.

Cabinet secretary Derrick Binns told the Sun: “As you might imagine it has been a rather hectic few days. Certainly, under the circumstances it would not be appropriate for the Premier and Ministers to be travelling at this time. 

“The Washington, DC, event will continue, hosted by the Washington, DC, office. No other Ministers will be able to attend.”

 It is normal for the Premier to try to squeeze in several meetings/events when a visit is made to the US. And another event that went ahead without the Premier or Cabinet Ministers was the Bermuda Financial Services Technology Summit at the Indian Consulate general in New York, which took place last night.  According to the Consulate General of India’s webpage, the Consulate and the Government of Bermuda organized the event “to discuss opportunities in the field of economic, trade, cultural and social ties between India and Bermuda”
Among the people representing Bermuda at the event were: Ross Webber (Bermuda Business Development Agency CEO), David Cash (Bermuda Business Development Agency chairman), Bill Hanbury (Bermuda Tourism Authority CEO) and Greg Wojciechowski (Bermuda Stock Exchange chairman). But no Premier.

According to the Facebook page for the Government of Bermuda, Washington, DC, Office, there were several high profile meetings over the last few months. Those included establishing bilateral economic and commercial relations with Turkey, attending a reception for Mr Sidibe, vice-president, Islamic Development Bank, and a meeting with the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade. 

Cheryl Packwood, head of Bermuda’s Washington, DC, office, told us: “The Indian event went tremendously well. The Indians are so excited to have us and work with us. 

“Ambassador Mulay has given an official invitation to Premier [Michael] Dunkley and Minister [Bob] Richards welcomed them to come meet with him in the Consulate.”