Cecilia Hall and Ileys Morton *Photo by Kageaki Smith
Cecilia Hall and Ileys Morton *Photo by Kageaki Smith

Bermudians Cecilia Hall and Ileys Morton sailed in to Bermuda from New York on the Norwegian Breakaway’s maiden voyage.

We met up with the women on the Heritage Wharf earlier today.

Mrs Morton said: “We flew up from Bermuda to New York and then we got on the ship. It was a great surprise for Mother’s Day from our families.

“The ship is beautiful.”

Mrs Hall added: “It was wonderful. That is one of the best ships I have ever been on.”

The women will leave with the ship on Friday then fly back to Bermuda once they arrive in New York.

Mrs Hall said even though they are “home”, they will be sleeping on the ship and enjoying all its amenities.

Mrs Morton added: “The entertainment is beautiful, the people are beautiful and the food is lovely.”

Mrs Hall called the ship “special” and said it was very clean. She also said it was the biggest ship she had been on.

“Naturally for me, it takes away the stress. Going on a cruise like this is very, very relaxing.”

Mrs Hall is the mother of Julian Hall and Judith Hall-Bean, assister cabinet secretary.