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The next generation of Norwegian Cruise Line’s mega-ships could come to Bermuda, the firm’s CEO has revealed.

Kevin Sheehan told the Bermuda Sun he was very pleased with how the Norwegian Breakaway’s inaugural season travelling between New York and the island had gone.

And Mr Sheehan said that recent legislation that allows ships to open their casinos while in Bermuda means there is every possibility that Norwegian’s newest ships would continue to come to the island. The Norwegian Escape comes into service in 2015 and its schedule will be announced later this fall, while the Norwegian Bliss is due to be in operation by 2017.

Both ships will carry 4,200 passengers and will be Norwegian’s biggest liners when they come into service.

Mr Sheehan said: “It’s definitely possible that Bermuda will see our next newest ships.

“When we do our itinerary planning for new ships we look at every possibility and we will do whatever makes sense for the company and our guests. But I can say Bermuda is a serious market for us. Bermuda and Norwegian go hand in hand and we would like to see that continue for many, many years to come.”

 Norwegian Breakaway will return to Bermuda next year and will complete a similar number of trips to this year. And Mr Sheehan would not rule out continued visits by the Breakaway beyond next year.

He said: “I could not say anything more positive about Bermuda’s Premier and the new administration for making the Breakaway’s first season go so well. We were thrilled with how things went.

“It’s been a big success and the ship has been full of very happy people.

“I am usually one of the first people to hear if things have not gone well, and I have not heard a word about problems with the Breakaway this season.

“Of course they were working on Heritage right to the last minute but we worked through that together and the transport system appeared to work well. Whatever they have done in Dockyard, they have made it work.”

Mr Sheehan told the Sun it was a ‘big relief’ that legislators had passed new laws allowing cruise ships to open their casinos while in port in Bermuda.

He added: “It makes a big difference to us and we are extremely appreciative that this change has taken place. We do get a large number of gamers on board our ships and this will mean that those travelling to Bermuda will miss out on nothing that they would get in say a trip to the Bahamas.

“It evens the playing field for Bermuda when compared with other destinations.” n