Home turf: A still from Collie Buddz’s latest music video Holiday, shot in Bermuda on Saturday. *Photo supplied
Home turf: A still from Collie Buddz’s latest music video Holiday, shot in Bermuda on Saturday. *Photo supplied
Bermuda is about to get a big plug from its favourite native son.

Last Saturday Collie Buddz shot his latest video Holiday on the island.

The song is featured on the Ride the Wave CD and the video dropped on his website, www.colliebuddz.com, on Wednesday.

Buddz said: “It’s been getting a nice response overseas so we decided to give some visual to the song for the website.

“I wanted something simple for the video so we just kind of winged it and shot for a few hours this past Saturday. The weather wasn’t the greatest so we had to make do with what we could.”

Some of Bermuda’s iconic landmarks were used as part of the video.

Buddz said: “We shot all over the island but it’s only a four-minute song and we had to fit a storyline so we couldn’t get all the places I wanted.

“We shot a few scenes from the top of the lighthouse, some at Somerset Bridge, some driving scenes in Hamilton and a few at Coco Reefs, which is where the director was staying.

“We also only had one day to shoot, mixed with the bad weather I think the video came out better than we all expected.”

The storyline is off a guy at work in a kitchen who is looking forward to knocking off so he can enjoy his non-work time.

Those scenes were filmed in the kitchen at Docksider’s.

Buddz said the staff at Docksider’s were great to work with and made those scenes fun to do.

It’s the first video he has shot in Bermuda and promises “it is definitely not the last. It felt really good to finally shoot here. It wasn’t a huge production or a shoot with big lights and 20 people holding reflectors.

“It was just the director with one camera and that’s it. 

“I wanted to shoot it here in Bermuda because I’m on tour about 200 days a year so it is like my holiday to come home.

“Even though we didn’t get all the shots that we would have liked there are some good shots of Bermuda in the video.”

Jeff Pliskin directed the video. Buddz said they met during last summer’s ‘Stoopid/Cypress Hill’ tour.

Mr. Pliskin wanted to shoot some live footage from the stage performances and things took off from there.

“When we looked at some of his footage, we liked his creativity so we decided to get him to shoot Holiday. We shot it in about eight hours and then edited the same night.”

He added he hasn’t shot many music videos so far in his career, but he realizes he needs to do more of it to help people relate to his music.

“It’s a huge part of an artist’s career. People want to see you. It’s all about the visual so this is the first of many more to come. I want a music video for at least two more songs before I release my EP in January.”

That’s when his new CD Playback will be available.