In March and April this year as many as 250 burglaries were reported across the island. Police say different parishes take it in turns to bear the brunt of burglary sprees — a trend driven by persistent offenders, who go back to haunting their old neighbourhoods once they are released from jail. Based on police records, here are the details from just a small selection of the burglaries committed during March and April...

  • March 4, unknown time, Pitts Bay Road office. Cash
  • March 19, daytime, Two Way Lane. Electrical goods
  • March 26, daytime, Friswells Lane house. Flat-screen TV
  • April 17, afternoon, Pitts Bay Road house. Cash and personal items
  • April 25, nighttime, Berkeley Mews house. Cash

  • March 10, 5am, Bayfield Road house. Cash and cell phone
  • March 24, daytime, Cross End Lane house. Cash, gold bracelet
  • March 27, daytime, Warwick Lane. iPod, games machine and jewellery
  • March 28, daytime, Harbour Road house. Flat-screen TV and computer
  • April 4, midnight, Pipers Peak house. Cash and personal items
  • April 17, daytime, Forest Hill Drive house. Cash and personal items
  • April 21, afternoon, Warwick, Fiddlewood Drive house. Electrical goods
  • April 25, nighttime, Kings Lane North house. Electronic equipment

  • March 12, nighttime, Sandy’s Secondary Middle School. Computer monitors
  • April 3, nighttime, Somerset Bridge business. Laptop and digital cameras
  • April 3, daytime, Overplus Lane house. Cash
  • April 7, daytime, Craddock Road house. Laptop, iPod and watches
  • April 9, daytime, Sound View Road house. Watch
  • April 17, daytime, Southbend Lane house. Electronic equipment
  • April 23, daytime, Beach Road house. Cash
  • April 23, morning, Wilson Place house. Jewellery

  • March 13, daytime, Orange Valley Road house. Jewellery
  • April 6, morning, Middle Road house. Games machine and cash
  • April 21, afternoon/evening, First Avenue. Jewellery

  • March 13, daytime, Hawthorn Lane house. Jewellery
  • April 6, nighttime, Horseshoe Bay café. Cases of Soda
  • April 9, daytime, Luke’s Pond Drive house. Camera  
  • April 9, daytime, Admiral Walk house. Laptop, cell phone and cash
  • April 27, daytime, Camp Hill house. Electronic equipment
  • April 30, daytime, Railway Trail house. Cash

  • March 17, unknown time, Highwood Lane house. Jewellery and cash
  • March 17, nighttime, Mission Crescent house. Laptop
  • March 24, evening, Mission Crescent house. Flat-screen TV
  • March 26, daytime, Paget Lane house. Cash, gold watches
  • April 4, daytime, Windgap Lane house. Laptop, camera and cell phones
  • April 30, 11pm, Hilton Drive house. Cash and personal items

Hamilton Parish
  • March 17, 3am, White Crest Hill house. Cash
  • Arpil 7, unknown time, Blue Hole Hill house. Wine
  • April 25, unknown time, Abbot’s Cliff house. Jewellery

March 26, unknown time, Knapton Estate’s Road house. Flat-screen TV

St. George’s
April 4, daytime, St. David’s Road house. Jewellery.